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Digital marketing and online sales may seem simple at first, but it takes time to learn the different techniques and strategies to be successful.

You can try it out on your own in your own corner and with trial and error and a lot of patience you will get there.

Or you can take the other route  : train yourself, learn from those who have succeeded, read books on the subject, and apply what is already working. Personally, it is this path that I have chosen and I devote at least 10% of my time to my personal training.

“Invest in yourself is the best investment you can make“

Among the interesting books that I have read, I strongly advise you to read « DotCom secrets, the underground playbook for growing your company online ». (in French: DotCom secrets, the secret guide to growing your business online.)

This book is unfortunately not translated into French but it is quite easy to read. It was written in 2015, but the strategies described in this book still apply today.

In this article, I will share with you the most important lessons from the Dotcom secrets book and give you my opinion on how to put what is taught into practice.

What is DotCom secrets?

DotCom secrets was written in 2015 and contains many concrete strategies to put in place to sell online.

The book is only 254 pages long and is written in easily understandable English with quite a few diagrams and illustrated examples that make it easy to read.

It is mainly dedicated to setting up « Funnels » or sales tunnels in French which drastically increase the conversions of people who visit your website.

What I liked is that it deals with both theoretical aspects, with a reflection on the psychology associated with online sales and also offers practical cases of application that have already proven their worth.

Who is Russell Brunson, the author of DotCom Secrets?

In the world of online entrepreneurs, Russell Brunson is widely recognized. He started his first business when he was a teenager and has a lot of sales experience.

He is well known because he created Clickfunnels software , one of the most widely used software for creating sales funnels . He has also created a complete ecosystem of books, training, coaching and events.

For example, it organizes every Funnel Hacking Live, one of the most important events in the world for the digital marketing community.

His company Etison LLC has over $ 300 million in annual sales and the most impressive thing is that he built it from scratch!

In short, far from the so-called online gurus who tell you how to get rich on the Internet in less than 30 days when they’ve never sold anything, Russell Brunson is someone who really teaches things that work.

Moreover, reading this book and seeing the wind techniques implemented by Russell Brandon, we quickly realize where some French infopreneurs found their inspiration ????

An overview of DotCom Secrets

Chapter 1: “Ladders and Funnels”

In the first chapter of the book, Russell Brunson introduces the concept of « Scale of values » . Basically it is the structuring of your different products / services that you want to offer to your ideal customers according to their prices.

Ideally you would like to sell your most expensive product / service to all of your customers, but it is really difficult because initially your customers do not know you and therefore there is no real trust established.

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With a « Scale of Values » you start offering something really cheap (and even free in some cases) to make people buy more easily.

Then once these people see that what you’re offering is worth it, a certain percentage of those buyers will “climb your ladder” and buy your most expensive product.

Russell Brunson talks about the example of a friend who makes bespoke suits and decided to give away cufflinks for free (only delivery is covered by buyers) and who drastically increased their sales thanks to the in place of this strategy.

Then Russell presents the concept of Sales Tunnel from the defined value scale. This is the process you need to put in place to get customers to climb your value ladder.

Finally Russell explains the three categories of traffic and I really like this part.

The traffic you have  : these are all the people you have in your mailing list (or your Chatbot) or who follow you on social networks. These are people you can communicate with whenever you want

The traffic that you control  : this is the traffic that you will acquire thanks to advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Google …)

Traffic you don’t control  : it’s traffic that comes from searches

Russell explains that the goal is to convert the traffic you don’t control and the traffic you don’t control into traffic you own.

Chapter 2: “Your communication / follow up Funnel”

This chapter deals with how you communicate with your audience.

First, Russell introduced the concept of Attractive Character . It’s all about building up a personality that will attract people online and help you with the follow-up. The four elements you need for this character are: a story, the ability to speak parables, the ability to share one’s flaws, and being a character who polarizes.

The book details the four elements and shows examples to fully understand the concepts.

The second part of the chapter introduces two email follow-up strategies to keep your list engaged.

The first strategy is called the “Soap Opera” sequence . The term « Soap Opera » refers to television series broadcast during the day such as Santa Barbara where « melodramas, sex, money and pushiness » intersect. Today we would talk about More beautiful life or the mysteries of love. The concept is to leave the narrative perpetually open to entice viewers to watch the next episode.

The “Soap Opera” email sequence featured in the book aims to connect people who have just joined your list with your “attractive character” by sending them open and entertaining emails.

The goal is for your subscribers to want to open all your emails . Russell then describes the 5 emails he uses in these sequences explaining the purpose behind each one so you can tailor it to your own sequence.

The following sequence is the « Daily Seinfeld Sequence » , meaning the daily sequence of Seinfeld, based on the super popular TV series in the United States. Russell explains that you need to send daily emails to your subscribers to maintain the relationship. This streak works because your emails are interesting and funny and Russell advises sharing 90% entertaining content and 10% serious content . So you increase your open rates and your conversions.

Chapter 3 « Funnelology »

The third chapter of Dotcom Secrets deals with the fundamentals of building a funnel and the strategies used.

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One of the key points put forward is the fact that you should not start from scratch when you start a new funnel . Russell Brunson explains that it is very likely that someone in your industry has already created something similar and that rather than reinventing the powder it is easier to go and analyze existing funnels and create your own by reusing them. structures that work.

Then the book details the 7 phases of a Funnel.

According to Russell the success of your business really depends on your understanding of the different phases of your Funnel and how you manage to monetize these different phases.

Another important concept in this section is that of “pre-frame  ”. Basically it is about putting your visitors in the optimal conditions before they go through the different stages of your Funnel. It’s interesting because it shows that our mood has a big impact on our purchase intention.

And to achieve this, he explains that it is important to know the « temperature » of your traffic, that is to say with what predispositions your visitors are towards you / your company in order to be able to create the right one. « Bridge ». For example, if your visits come from your subscribers on social networks, the temperature of your traffic is rather hot because people already know you and therefore you do not need to introduce yourself at length which is not the case if the people arrive from a Facebook ad.

Then he explains that you have to « qualify » your subscribers , your buyers and your VIP buyers (who spend the most). By understanding and implementing these different steps you can get the most important value from each subscriber.

For example Russell explains how he works with his various programs, from his free books, his training courses at $ 997, his Mastermind groups at more than $ 25,000 and finally his coaching programs which can go up to $ 1 million.

In this chapter Russell Brunson also presents the 23 bricks of a Funnel which can be used like Legos to build a Funnel adapted to your activity.

Chapter 4: Funnels and Scripts

In this final chapter of DotCom Secrets, Russell details 7 funnels that he uses regularly and that have proven successful for his business.

This is really interesting because they are funnels that work and are ready to be used for your business.

The 7 funnels presented are:

  • Two Step – Free plus shipping Funnel. (Two steps – Free Funnel + delivery)
  • Self Liquidating Offer Funnel
  • Continuity Funnel
  • The Perfect Webinar Funnel
  • Invisible Funnel Webinar
  • Product Launch Funnel
  • High Ticket, Three Step application Funnel (Big ticket, funnel registration in 3 steps)

For example the first funnel is the funnel he uses to sell his DotCom Secret book (and his ClickFunnels software) which I am talking about.

It’s quite interesting because he uses his software to sell his software …

Chapter 5 Click Funnels

In his last chapter, he quickly introduces his Clickfunnels software . Nothing very deep but it gives the basics and explains that with this software you can implement everything that is explained in the book.

If you want to give Clickfunnel a try, there is a free version for 14 days, which gives you a good idea of ​​the possibilities of this software. Free version here.

How You Can Use DotCom Secrets For Your Business?

The concepts presented in this DotCom Secrets book are very interesting and many can in my opinion be used for your online sales.

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The concept of « Value Ladder » (value scale) I think is applicable to any type of business that either B2C or B2B. What matters is to put in place a first offer that will attract the customer and which will allow you to start a relationship of trust. It could be something free, a special contest, a super discount, a basic product / service that you sell at an extremely competitive price.

Then once you have collected the data from your prospects, I am convinced that follow-up is essential in 99% of companies. Who does not wish to have continuity with these prospects / customers ??

What convinced me less about Dotcom Secrets are the two sequences of emails it offers. I don’t think Soap Opera is necessarily suitable for all types of business, especially for fairly serious B2B businesses, but I may be wrong.

On the other hand, the Seinfeld sequence is clearly reserved for infopreneurs, coaches, consultants ect … but difficult to apply in other contexts. After that there are many other types of sequences and therefore nothing obliges to use those proposed.

Then I really like the structuring of the funnel as well as the Bricks and I think that with this it is really possible to create a funnel adapted to most companies and the 7 examples offered cover a lot of cases.

Conclusion my opinion on DotCom Secrets

DotCom Secrets is undoubtedly one of those books that brings us to think and that gives many leads and ideas to put in place for its digital marketing.

You will probably put Post-its with notes and you will probably come back to reread certain passages to be sure that you understand the concept.

If you want to set up Funnels for your business (and if you don’t you are really missing out on one of the best ways to increase your sales …), I would say this is one of the books by base to have read. Be careful though, it’s quite extensive and not reserved in my opinion for complete beginners in digital marketing.

Then you will find on the Internet all the guides, tutorials and training unimaginable for the practice but nothing beats the practice without good theoretical foundations.

You can easily find the digital version on the net but if you prefer paper like me, you can order it for free and you will only have to pay the delivery. I received mine in about a week.

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